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A set of dumbbell movements at home, exercise the muscles of the whole body, burn calories, and strengthen the physical state
Jul.07.21 Weight training at home, then dumbbells are a good choice, small volume, affordable, flexible exercise, can exercise the body muscle group, promote calorie consumption, perfect for home exercise, do not have a gym membership, want to build muscle, fat burning and shape
how to choose dumbbells to exercrise
Jul.05.21 Dumbbell is perhaps the most frequently used kind of fitness equipment, it is flexible, easy to use, rich in functions, excellent training effect and so on the advantages of the dumbbells become an essential fitness equipment in fitness training If you want to buy a set of dumbbells to work out at home, you will find that there are a variety of types and styles of dumbbells, all types of dumbbells look good, for people who have choice phobia, it is a difficult thing.lets introduce for you.
Nine Kettlebell Exercise Tips to Help You Burn Fat Quickly
Jul.01.21 .The kettlebell workout is a sure way to burn calories! According to the American Council on Exercise, 20 minutes of kettlebell exercise can burn an average of 400 calories per person David Shenk, Certified World Kettlebell Club Trainer, offers 9 ways to burn fat with kettlebells. (Please maintain this frequency: 8 sets of 20 seconds/set of 10 seconds of rest).
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