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A set of dumbbell movements at home, exercise the muscles of the whole body, burn calories, and strengthen the physical state

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    Long-term office sitting, body joint stiffness, physical aging, resistance to decline, the loss of muscle, and this state will be more obvious after 30 years old. Maintaining the frequency of exercise can improve muscle mass, maintain high strength, and strengthen physical condition.

Using a pair of dumbbells, we can create a variety of exercises. Over the long term, your body will burn more calories, which will suppress your body fat, and as you increase your muscle dimension, your body will gradually improve.

Different people can choose different weights to create a target body shape.

Low weight dumbbells can be used for aerobic dumbbells to reduce body fat, while heavy weight dumbbells can be used to sculpt muscle dimensions and build a muscular figure. Dumbbell weights of 10-12rm will help you build muscle, and 12-15rm will help you burn fat and lose weight.

For beginners, they need to start from low weight step by step. After mastering the movement track, the muscles can form memory and then gradually improve the weight for training. Girls suggest starting with 3-5kg dumbbells, boys suggest starting with 5-10kg dumbbells

If you want to build strong kylin arm, then curl, hanging type bending, dumbbell crank arm stretch is good exercise movements, if you want to improve the bottom line, shape beautiful leg curve, then the dumbbell sprang squat, dumbbell squats can help you engraving curve of lower limb, and full of chest muscle can be implemented by the movements of the dumbbell bench press, dumbbell birds

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