How to how to choose dumbbells to

how to choose dumbbells to exercrise

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1 Detachable dumbbells covered with glue
The dumbbell in one of the most popular on the market, especially on e-commerce sites, such as all kinds of brand bag plastic dumbbell panoramic view, but have to mention one of the most important reason is that the cost of it is really very low, because of the price so to dominate in the dumbbell market, but the bag plastic dumbbell is small make up recommend a dumbbell, highly because of its material, The smell of rubber is simply too heavy, even if bought home on the balcony for a few days, you can still smell the acrid smell of rubber, if you want to buy a set of dumbbells at home fitness, this bag dumbbells should be your first to PASS a class, and in the replacement of weight, but also need frequent disassembly, it is too much trouble. 

2 Removable electroplated dumbbells
Electroplating dumbbell well-presented, shone like a handicraft, if you want to see, I use a word to describe is no buffer material, when used in the home, must take put down gently, otherwise will directly above the floor, often knock against dumbbell will break the skin, and electroplating dumbbells most sales in the form of set in a box. If the weight is too large for the crowd, this weight is not satisfied, therefore, electroplating dumbbell is more suitable for stable, small weight fitness crowd.

Dip plastic coated dumbbells
Jinsu package plastic dumbbell we all seen, is the small weight color rich dumbbell, usually group appear in pairs, rubber of this kind of dumbbell without pungent flavor, and color rich more selective, but it's the weight of the whole is small, very suitable for female fitness, do some shape line training actions, such as arms, legs, hips line, and so on, Almost no man would choose to dip dumbbells.

Hexagonal dumbbells covered with rubber
The hexagonal package of black rubber dumbbell belongs to a common dumbbell type, is usually a complete set,  more suitable for the gym,  from the lightest to the heaviest can completely meet the needs of all kinds of people in the fitness,  and no peculiar smell, looks solid, durable, not easy to knock against off paint, etc., of course,  if in the home to buy a such a suit of hexagonal package plastic dumbbell,  For the daily fitness needs can be fully satisfied, and it is relatively occupied

Dumbbell set with round head wrapped in glue
This kind of dumbbell is not introduced much, can be seen everywhere in the gym, the smallest 5 pounds to the largest 60 pounds, weight division is clear, solid durable, you can throw the dumbbell will serve for you. It is the first choice for commercial gyms.
6 Weight adjustable dumbbells
Adjustable dumbbell weight is one of the technology in recent years, the exhibits, the first to have aikang Icon with adjustable dumbbell weight, by rotating the handle can change the dumbbell configuration, from the lightest to the heaviest only a pair of dumbbells, whether for home or commercial use, is very reasonable, both neither takes up extra space, also won't be affected by a low birth weight, Equipped with a dumbbell rack for storage to provide the necessary space, therefore, Icaon adjustable dumbbell can be said to be the future of dumbbell vane.

6 Through the introduction of the above 7 different types of dumbbells, you must have understood the differences between them, should be able to do a good job in mind, personal point of view, if it is a family fitness, Ikang weight adjustable dumbbells must be the first choice, both save space and can meet the weight needs, If it is the company gym or hotel gym, you can use the danae set of dumbbells. The appearance design is exquisite and the weight is finely divided. It can be used by many people at the same time, which is both classy and practical. As for other types of dumbbells, there are more or less disadvantages, you can also go to a physical store to try it out, to see what feels, taste, texture, and so on is the most suitable for you.
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