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How to do dumbbell upper body workout ?

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How to build a strong upper body at home? Learn 10 fitness moves with a pair of dumbbells



Insist on doing pull-up, can fully exercise the back muscles, there are many people use the horizontal bar to do this exercise.

But at home, you can use dumbbells to do pull-ups. Hold the dumbbells with your hands and move up and down at shoulder width to work your back muscles as well as your biceps and triceps in your arms.


Row with one arm dumbbells

To activate the muscles in your back, shoulders, and arms, move your elbows as far back as possible, and always use latissimus dorsi strength to pull the dumbbells, not your arms.

When the elbow as far back as possible, you will feel a strong stimulation of the latissimus dorsi. When the elbow is extended back to a certain range, stay for a second, and then return to the original state, so repeatedly exercise, and then switch arms for training.


The dumbbell shrug

Dumbbell shrug, hands hold dumbbell, the body stand straight, do this sport is the main training of the trapezius muscle, shoulders slowly lift, and then fall, repeatedly lift training.

This sport varies from person to person, some people do not like to let their trapezius muscle is too obvious, do not train this sport, it is best to train slightly.


Dumbbells stooped and rowed

As men like to exercise their shoulders strong and thick, then adhere to do dumbbell lean rowing, the main exercise of this sport is the thickness of the latissimus dorsi muscle, dumbbell rowing on latissimus dorsi stimulation is very large.

The body is half pot waist state, both hands hold the dumbbell up slowly, so that the elbow joint as far as possible to extend back, so that more parts of the body can exercise the muscles, such as the deltoid muscle can also get full training.

Stop for two seconds when the elbow is pulled back to a certain height, then slowly return to the original position and repeat the exercise.


The dumbbell bench press

If you want to practice the pectoralis major, you need to do the dumbbell bench press. Doing this exercise can fully stimulate the pectoralis major muscles. Lie flat on your back with both hands holding the dumbbell and push it up.

When you reach a certain height and stop for two seconds, then slowly pull back, do it over and over again, you will find that your pecs are very full and firm.


Dumbbells bend over and flex their hips

Do this exercise to build triceps, with your body in a stooping and bent position, holding dumbbells with one hand and an aid with the other.

The arm holding the barbell should be parallel to the upper body, and the triceps should be stimulated as much as possible.


Dumbbell side flat

Sit up straight, hold the dumbbells with both hands, lift up this exercise method, mainly practice the deltoid muscle in the band, when the hands are parallel to the shoulder, and then slowly put down, repeated practice, this movement can also exercise the shoulder joint.


Dumbbell is recommended

To increase the dimension of the shoulders, you need to work on the dumbbell press, which works on the middle and front deltoid muscles and also works on the triceps.


Curl for

Exercise biceps can do dumbbell bend, this exercise is actually very simple, hand hold dumbbell, arm bending straight, repeated exercise.

When the hand is bent and raised to a certain height, stop for a second or two so that it can squeeze into the biceps, and then lower it slowly.


Dumbbells bent over the birds

This sport is mainly to exercise the deltoid muscle after the bundle, when doing this sport, the back must be straight, the body is bent posture, hands holding the dumbbells to stretch out, the body posture must be correct.

In the movement can feel the deltoid back bundle contraction, control the speed, do not rush.

Conclusion: above 10 kinds of dumbbell movement method, as long as master the correct posture, at home can easily exercise the body, practice a strong upper body.

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