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How to exercise triceps with dumbbells

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The biceps is the muscle that most people think of when they think of a big arm, but the biceps is only one third of the arm, and the other two thirds are triceps. When people talk about the triceps, they are looking at the development of the long head, because the long head is the most obvious area. In order to fully develop the triceps, we should effectively stimulate all the heads through exercise triceps with dumbbells

The triceps is made up of the long, lateral and medial heads. To train the triceps, you need to stimulate all the heads evenly and effectively. The exercise triceps with dumbbells is a good choice for the narrow grip, stimulating the entire triceps while effectively stimulating the pectoralis major.

The bench press with narrow weights is a compound action that allows heavier weights to be used, and the triceps are made of ‖ type mechanical fibers, which are more responsive to heavier weights.

Because you can use large weights, you can put this in the first place to improve your training level, and the dumbbells also keep the triceps in tension and prevent overexertion. Another benefit of dumbbells is that they help balance muscle development. According to the electromyographic analysis of the barbell flat bench press, if the hands are closer together, the triceps will bear more tension, so we can apply this principle to the dumbbell flat bench press, that is, choose a narrow dumbbell bench press, let the triceps in a stronger state of tension.

The narrow-pitch dumbbell bench press allows the elbow to adduct, while the traditional wide-pitch bench press allows the pectoralis to engage more, reducing the triceps.

In training, the Angle of lifting is also very important. Through emG comparison, it is found that the use of the flat bench can make the triceps of the humerus more activated in the lifting of the four types: the upper oblique stool, the lower oblique stool, the vertical stool and the flat bench. So when we do the dumbbell bench press, we should lie flat on the bench press, and remember to do the full range of movement, in each press to lock the elbow, let the triceps fully feel the contraction and extension.

Also note that in order to stimulate the triceps,exercise triceps with dumbbells  keep the upper arm parallel to the body and make sure that there is a straight line between the shoulder and the little finger so that there is a better peak contraction at the very top of the movement. I recommend starting with lighter dumbbells, focusing primarily on the form and learning of the movement, and then gradually increasing the weight. For this exercise, it is recommended that you do it a high number of times, which creates a high level of metabolic stress.

It can also increase weight bearing, putting your body into a state of overload, allowing muscles to continue to grow. You can add this to a press day of three to four sets of six to eight. Because the push can stimulate the triceps so much, don't do too many heavy weights on the day of the push.

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