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Fitness Equipment Gym Weights Set flybird adjustable dumbbells

Item No.: DN-31
flybird adjustable dumbbells
free adjust, safety lock,security base.high density
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Fitness Equipment Gym Weights Set flybird adjustable dumbbells

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Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:DN-31
Application:Home Use, Yoga,Strength training
Product Name
Fitness Equipment Gym Weights Set flybird adjustable dumbbells
Material:Plastic Dip
Weight:24 KG 40KG
Color:As the pictures
Function:Body Building

 flybirds  adjustable dumbells  commonly used five training methods

The stooping dumbbell flybird is the classic motion of the posterior tract of the deltoid

Step 1: Prepare for action: Feet naturally separated and shoulder width apart, upper body forward about 60 degrees, knees slightly bent, hands hold dumbbells, hanging in front of the knees.

Step 2: Keep your back straight, tighten your abdomen, keep your arms slightly bent and lift the dumbbell up. Keep your upper arms level with your back, and hold for 1-2 seconds.

Step 3: Return to action. Control the dumbbell with both arms and slowly return to the ready action. Do 3-6 sets of 4-8 reps.

Upper oblique dumbbell flybird mainly exercises upper chest and deltoid muscle.

Step 1: Prep. Tilt the dumbbell stool between 30 and 60 degrees and lean your back against the dumbbell chair. Hold the dumbbell in your hand and lift it upward so that your arm is perpendicular to the plate.

The 2nd step: action process takes up muscle of waist abdomen, back, double arm controls dumbbell to show arc to drop slowly, be in to wrist and body same plane, arm bends to show 90°, can avoid elbow to pull. Feel the muscles on both sides of your chest fully stretched.

Step 3: Return to action Slowly fold arms back into action, letting the dumbbell on the chest.

The lower oblique dumbbell flybirds stimulate the lower side of the pectoral muscle through the change of posture

Step 1: Prepare for action: Tilt the dumbbell chair down 15-30 degrees, lie on your back, hold the dumbbell with both hands and lift it up, bending your elbows slightly.

Step 2: The action process of both elbows slightly bent down to the back plane, pause for 2 seconds. Hold it in an arc to the chest. Keep your arms in the same plane as your shoulders the whole time.

Supine dumbbell flybirds have a very effective exercise effect on the thickness and line of pectoral major muscles.

Step 1: Preparation Lie on your back in a dumbbell chair, holding the dumbbells in your hand, and push the dumbbells up, keeping your elbows slightly bent.

Step 2: Keep your elbows bent at a fixed Angle and lower to the back plane. Drop your upper arms below shoulder level. Pause for 1-2 seconds. When you lift it up, it's like holding a tree, and you push it along a certain arc, and you feel your chest muscles stretch and contract. Note: The Angle between the upper arm and the forearm, whether raised or dropped, must be maintained at 100 ~ 120 degrees and the dumbbells must be in line with the shoulder and elbow joints.

Dumbbell floor flybirds

If you're flying on a bench stool, you won't be able to control how much you drop if the weight gets too much or if you're exhausted. When the Angle is not controlled well, you can easily strain your shoulder, which makes it difficult to use heavy weights to clamp the bird. Make a bird on the floor. The extent of the decline can be effectively controlled. And when you're exhausted, you can push your weight on the ground, which will help you to make it safer to do this.

Supply Ability
Supply Ability

2000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week custom adjustable dumbbell


Adjust weight in one second
Quickly adjust gear by turning the grip easily
Break the shackles of traditional dumbbells

Multiple safety locks

Lifting the dumbbell automatic lock design, to ensure safety
Multiple lock, double safety when using
Precision structural design
Dumbbell shape frame design is exquisite, solid and smooth edge, fine internal structure

Multi-gear weight adjustment

Adjust the weight of dumbbell, easy to exercise the whole body muscle group
Has a variety of training methods, suitable for men and women

Fine steel dumbbell plate
Dumbbell pieces are processed by precision CNC machine tools with smooth edges
The surface of electrophoresis technology, rust - proof and beautiful

Packaging & Delivery
Master Brown Carton


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