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Wholesale Weight Lifting 304 Stainless Steel Rotating Steel Dumbbell

Item No.: DN-06
304 Stainless Steel Rotating Steel Dumbbell advantage:
Round steel electroplating, luminous cutting, easy to use, reliable quality
Description Review
304 Stainless Steel Rotating Steel Dumbbell


Product advanatge :


( 1)1KG, 2KG, 3KG, 4KG, 5KG, 6KG, 7KG, 8KG, 9KG, 10KG Packaging: a pair of
  (2) a carton packaging (4 weight dumbbell sheet +2 dumbbell bar)

  Process: No. 45 high precision round steel lathe fine processing, packaging precision electroplating
 Fully enclosed welding is really not loose
 Closed interface welding design with segmented interior Dan flexible and stylish
Durable material
The use of pure iron inner material selection material safety is guaranteed

Small size, weight is sufficient
Solid refined steel, small size and weight, easy to complete
All kinds of training movements, convenient storage


Our advantages:
1 one-stop dumbbell purchasing supplier, dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell plate, barbell bar ,dumbbell stand and other complete categories
2 country of origin of goods, stable supply, quality assurance
3 OEM customized
4  five years export experience in European and American markets

Benefits of cooperation with  us
Intimate and professional pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system, quick response, customer first
Control the whole process of production inspection, strict inspection and quality control

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